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10 Points WWE Followers Ought To Find Out About Royal Rumble 2000

The 2000 Royal Rumble was the initial Royal Rumble to occur in the brand-new centuries. WWE’s lineup was piled however Steve Austin and also The Undertaker were still on the rack, and also they made their in-ring returns specifically in the autumn and also springtime. Additionally, the 2000 Royal Rumble was loaded as there were 3 champion suits on the card, a remarkable launching, and also the Royal Rumble suit headlined the program.

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This was the main begin of the roadway to WrestleMania 16, and also wrestlers were seeking to make a declaration by scrambling for settings for WrestleMania period. The 2000 model of the Royal Rumble was fantastic, and also there were a number of truths on the program that some participants of the WWE Cosmos have actually forgotten.


10 Tazz Makes His WWE Launching

Angle v Tazz Royal Rumble 2000

Kurt Angle flaunted a two-month unbeaten run, and also he was seeking to proceed his effective run of suits without a loss at the Rumble. The Olympic Gold Champion had a secret challenger, and also it was none besides Tazz.

Tazz was completing before his home town followers in New york city and also he got a big ovation. This was perhaps the very best minute of Tazz’s WWE occupation. Tazz controlled process, and also he nicked Angle’s unbeaten document, by placing him away with the Tazzmission.

9 The Hardys Won The First Tag Group Tables Suit

Hardy Boyz v Dudley Boyz Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-1

The Hardy Boyz and also The Dudley Boyz made background as the initial 2 groups to complete in the first-ever tag group tables match. To be triumphant, you needed to place both participants of the particular groups with tables. As anticipated, the Hardys and also the Dudleys knocked it out of the park in a busy suit.

The Hardys placed Bubba Ray with the table outside with Matt implementing a leg decline whilst Jeff did a dash. A number of sickening chair shots to the head were dispensed throughout the suit, however in the closing phases, Jeff gotten in touch with a Swanton Bomb off the veranda on D-Von to protect the success.

8 Mae Youthful Won The Miss Rumble 2000 Swimwear Competition

Mark Henry & Mae Young Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-1

Far from the in-ring activity, there was the Miss Rumble 2000 Swimwear competition. The courts were consisted of Sgt. Massacre, Tony Garea, Johnny Valiant, Freddie Blassie, The Fabulous Moolah, and also Andy Richter.

The candidate included Cream color, Terri, Jacqueline, Barbara Shrub, Luna Vachon, and also the WWE Female’s Champ The Kat. Whilst, the courts were mulling over to select their champion, Mae Youthful showed up and also got involved. She slipped off, and also she was the champion with her companion Mark Henry boiling down the aisle to cover her up.

7 Chris Jericho Becomes The Undisputed Intercontinental Champ

Chyna v Chris Jericho v Hardcore Holly Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped-1

Chris Jericho and also Chyna were co-Intercontinental Champions however there was a three-way risk suit consisting of Hardcore Holly, where the champion would certainly be crowned as the Undisputed Intercontinental Champ. Their three-way risk suit was second best, however it was a watchable competition.

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Jericho cinched in the Wall surfaces of Jericho on Holly however the Ninth Marvel of the Globe damaged it up. Chyna carried out the Pedigree on Holly, and also Jericho carried out a crossbody on Chyna. Inevitably, Jericho obtained single possession of the Intercontinental Champion after he got in touch with a Lionsault on Chyna.

6 The Initial Royal Rumble To Be Had In Madison Square Yard

Edge Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

There is something unique when followers and also wrestlers go into the solemn halls of Madison Square Yard. The 2000 version of the Royal Rumble was the last of WWE’s typical “Big 4” occasions to be organized in MSG. WWE has an abundant background in MSG which is viewed as the capital, and also it was a piece of cake for the Rumble to be kept in MSG. The similarity Side, Chris Jericho, and also Chyna to name a few were associated with the 2000 Royal Rumble suit.

The initial WrestleMania and also WrestleMania 10 were kept in MSG. A triad of SummerSlams and also the 1996 Survivor Collection were held inside Madison Square Yard. This would not be the last Royal Rumble to be kept in MSG as the 2008 Royal Rumble was additionally held there.

5 Three-way H Preserves The WWE Champion In A Violent Road Battle

Triple H v Cactus Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

Three-way H protected the WWE Champion versus Cactus Jack in a Road Battle. Certainly, this was the suit of the evening, and also they took the program in a fierce Road Battle with the Video game revealing the globe why he was the leading heel in the firm.

Their suit is an immediate timeless and also it’s still mentioned extremely to this existing day. Three-way H got over a great deal of misfortune as he had a portion of timber engraved right into his leg. The Rock obtained associated with process by assaulting Three-way H, and also tacks were stocked the ring. It took a number of Pedigrees for Three-way H to do the job, and also the 2nd Pedigree was straight on the tacks with the Analytical Assassin maintaining the WWE Champion over Cactus Jack, that had a rejection to remain down.

4 As Well Amazing Danced

Too Cool Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

The triad of Rikishi, Scotty 2 Hotty, and also Grandmaster Sexay was among one of the most preferred triads in the Perspective Age. Rikishi had a regular getaway in the Royal Rumble suit, however it was time to place the significant avert for one groundbreaking minute.

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Rikishi got on a rampage, however he for a short while stopped his supremacy by dance in the ring with Scotty 2 Hotty and also Grandmaster Sexay. This was an amazing minute, however play mored than as Rikishi got rid of both guys after they danced. Prior to the brand-new participant made their means in the direction of the ring, Rikishi remained to dance on his lonely.

3 The Initial Royal Rumble Suit In 11 Years To Include No-One Looking At The 30-Minute Obstacle

Royal Rumble Match 2000 Cropped

Royal Rumble suits are understood for durability, and also there’s constantly a minimum of one rival that has a remarkable run lasting a very long time. Nonetheless, for the very first time considering that the 1989 Royal Rumble, no rival split the 30-minute obstacle.

The WWE Hardcore Champ Examination was the 10th participant, and also he was the iron male of the Royal Rumble suit. He lasted 26 mins prior to his mission of headlining WrestleMania 16 was cut by the ultimate runner-up Huge Program.

2 X-Pac Was Gotten Rid Of Two Times

X-Pac 2000

D-Generation X’s X-Pac had the high-end of coming to be the 30th participant in the 2000 Royal Rumble suit. Spending time the WWE Champ Three-way H had its benefits, however it had not been an unique efficiency from X-Pac that fell short to take advantage of his place as the last participant in the Royal Rumble suit.

He took care of to remove his competing Kane, and also X-Pac was gotten rid of by The Rock however the umpire fell short to find it as they were concentrated on a quarrel outside. X-Pac’s good luck went out as he was gotten rid of from the Rumble momentarily time by Huge Program.

1 The Rock Won The Royal Rumble Suit

The Rock and Big Show Royal Rumble 2000 Cropped

Service got when The Rock went into the Royal Rumble suit as the 24th participant. The previous WWE Champ was looking for a place generally occasion of WrestleMania 16 to test for the WWE Champion.

There had not been much celebrity power in this Rumble, and also it was Rock’s roar to shed. He just required 15 mins to remove Manager Male, Collision Holly, Al Snow, and also Big Program to turn into one of the youngest Royal Rumble suit victors at the age of 27.

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