10 Things You Should Know About Dusty Rhodes' Wrestling Career In The 1970s

10 Points You Ought To Find Out About Dusty Rhodes’ Fumbling Job In The 1970s

Dusty Rhodes is a fumbling symbol that aided the “commoner” see themselves worldwide of sporting activities amusement. He never ever looked the component of a wrestler, however thrived over several celebrities of his period many thanks to his fantastic individuality as well as intriguing coupons.

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Prior To he was “The American Desire” or perhaps “Dusty Rhodes,” he began battling in 1967 under the ring name Dusty Runnels. His job genuinely removed in the 1970s as well as this listing will certainly take a look at 10 points followers ought to learn about his battling job because years.


10 Was Tag Group Champ With Andre The Titan

Andre the Giant Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes as well as Andre the Titan initially went across courses in the very early 70s. Both initial began to collaborate as a unit in the AWA. By the late 70s, both were a main tag group system completing versus challengers like The Andersons (Ole as well as Genetics Anderson) as well as The Funks (Terry as well as Dory Funk).

Both also won the NWA USA Tag Group titles in 1978. Both would certainly remain to battle throughout the very early 80s.

9 Made His WWE Launching

Dusty Rhodes in WWE

Numerous followers link Dusty Rhodes’s time in the WWE with the late 1980s. This was the years that included Dirty with polka dots as well as Sapphire. This period was not the main WWE launching of Dusty Rhodes, nevertheless.

In 1977, Rhodes got here to the firm when it was called the “Globe Wide Fumbling Federation (WWWF).” Vince McMahon Sr. was still the proprietor as well as Rhodes contended for the WWE Champion versus celebrities like “Super star” Billy Graham in this years.

8 Ended Up Being NWA Globe Heavyweight Champ

Dusty Rhodes with the NWA World Heavyweight Championship.

Dusty Rhodes not just climbed to popularity in the 1970s however also ended up being a globe champ. He had NWA Globe Heavyweight Champion matches that go back to 1970. He contended versus celebrities like Terry Funk as well as Don Muraco however was never ever able to make the title.

Lastly, in 1979 Rhodes beat Harley Race as well as won the NWA Globe Heavyweight Champion. His initial title power just lasted 5 days, however he would certainly win the title 2 even more times in the 80s.

7 He Developed “The American Desire” Label

Dusty Rhodes with the Road Warriors in the NWA.

There are several facets of Dusty Rhodes that were developed in the 1970s as well as followed him his whole job. Due to the fact that he really did not resemble the common “lover” wrestler, he offered himself as a normal working-class male. While fumbling in Florida, he would certainly call himself “The American Desire.” The working-class hero tale together with the label would certainly remain to be a staple of Rhodes for the remainder of his job.

6 Feuded With Ric Panache

Ric Flair vs Dusty Rhodes

Ric Panache as well as Dusty Rhodes had several timeless fights in the 1980s. Their search of the NWA Globe Heavyweight Champion brought about fantastic suits as well as big minutes. Their competition in fact goes back to the 70s.

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Both fought for the NWA Mid-Atlantic Tv title in the mid-70s prior to either celebrity was also taken into consideration “globe title product.” They invested a huge component of the late 70s completing for mid-card titles as well as also the NWA tag titles. Rhodes beat Panache extremely typically in this years.

5 Elected “Wrestler Of The Year” In Back To Back Years (1977-1978)


Pro Fumbling Illustrated initially presented its “Wrestler of the Year” honor in 1972. Dirty Rhodes wound up winning the honor in successive years, 1977 as well as 1978. He was picked over heavyweights from this period like Bob Backlund, Ricky Boat, as well as Harley Race. The 70s was additionally the only years that Rhodes won “Wrestler of the Year.”

4 Battled As “Uvalde Slim”

Uvalde Slim

Although Dusty Rhodes notoriously utilized his change vanity, “Uvalde Slim,” versus Terry Funk in the 1980s, the trick was initial developed in the 1970s. He solely made use of the trick throughout his time in Florida. The concealed trick was intended to conceal his identification, however anybody with eyes can inform it was Dusty under the Lucha mask.

3 Cock Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes Were An Effective Tag Group


Although they are a, in some cases, failed to remember tag group, Dusty Rhodes owes a large component of his increase in battling to his time as a participant of the Texas Outlaws with Cock Murdoch. They contended throughout the globe as a unit. They won various tag group titles consisting of the NWF Globe Tag Group Championships, NWA Florida Tag Group Championships, as well as the NWA Globe Tag Group Championships. They formally divided in 1983 however rejoined different times till 1988.

2 As Soon As Battled Randy Orton’s Daddy As well as Grandpa In A Suit

Randy Orton Dusty Rhodes

The lengthy background in between the Ortons as well as the Rhodes go back to the 1970s. Lengthy prior to Orton was the Tale Awesome ruining “The American Desire,” Dusty was completing versus Orton’s Daddy as well as Grandpa.

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“Cowboy” Bob Orton as well as Dusty contended for the NWA Florida Heavyweight title often times in the 70s. Bob Orton Sr. just went across courses with Rhodes once. The group of Dusty, Bob Backlund, as well as Steve Keirn beat Bob Orton Jr., Bob Orton Sr. & Bob Roop.

1 Feuded With Antonio Inoki In Japan

Antonio Inoki and Dusty Rhodes

“The American Desire” did not solely battle in America. By 1973, Texas Outlaws (Cock Murdoch & Dusty Rhodes) were currently completing in Japan. Rhodes went across courses with among the best Japanese wrestlers of perpetuity, Antonio Inoki, numerous times in Japan. Both also contended in among Dusty’s initial aired NJPW matches where Inoki beat Rhodes to keep the NWF Globe Heavyweight title.

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