Sting vs. Great Muta rivalry

10 Points Battling Followers Ought To Find Out About The Sting Vs. Great Muta Competition

Over a renowned virtually 40-year profession, the guy called Sting has actually participated in competitions with a few of the fantastic symbols of fumbling, consisting of Ric Panache, Hunk Hogan, and also Huge Van Vader. However among his earliest competitions would certainly be with one more symbol understood for putting on face paint: The Fantastic Muta, the change vanity of Japanese tale Keiji Mutoh.

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Considered that this competition occurred over three decades earlier in WCW, there are lots of followers that may be not familiar with it. With Muta retiring in 2023, it’s a fun time to have a look back at the competition in between Sting and also The Fantastic Muta and also see what followers ought to understand about it.


10 Their Very First Televised Suit Was For Sting’s television Champion

The Great Muta applies the abdominal stretch to Sting

In the summertime of 1989, Sting was currently in the middle of obtaining a solid press following his traditional time frame draw versus Ric Panache, having actually won the NWA Globe Tv Champion in March. Around this moment, The Great Muta showed up in WCW and also, after obtaining a collection of jobbers, made Hurting his initial significant competitor. After a collection of home reveal suits, both had their initial telecasted experience at the Fantastic American Celebration pay-per-view, where Sting effectively safeguarded the belt versus Muta.

9 Muta Defeated Sting To Win The Uninhabited Television Title

Sting vs. Great Muta in 1989

However, Sting’s effective title protection wasn’t precisely tidy many thanks to the umpire not seeing that The Fantastic Muta’s shoulders were up throughout the three-count that finished the suit. Therefore, the Tv Champion was left, with Sting and also Muta dealing with to figure out a brand-new champ, however the opponents repetitively battled to incompetency coatings on tv and also at home programs. Lastly, at a residence program in Atlanta, Georgia in September 1989, both battled in a No Incompetency suit, which Muta won with the aid of an international challenger.

8 Hurting Signed Up With The 4 Horsemen To Eliminate Muta & The J-Tex Company

Sting & Ric Flair vs. The Great Muta & Terry Funk

The Fantastic Muta wasn’t alone in his WCW initiatives, nevertheless — he belonged to an intrigue called The J-Tex Company, which included Japanese wrestlers like Muta in addition to Texans like Terry Funk. After Ric Panache beat Funk in a suit, he was assaulted by Funk’s stablemate Muta, triggering Sting to run in and also make the conserve for Panache.

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Therefore, previous opponents Hurting and also Panache united, with Sting coming to be a component of a freshly babyface version of the 4 Horsemen and also signing up with Panache in a number of tag suits versus Muta and also Funk.

7 Met In Starrcade ‘89’s Iron Male Event

Starrcade 1989: Sting vs. The Great Muta

After Ric Panache was finished with Terry Funk, Lex Luger became Panache’s most recent competitor, while Sting maintained feuding with Muta. At some point, a four-way run-in with Panache, Luger, Sting, and also Muta occurred that would certainly control the Starrcade ‘89 card. All 4 guys were placed in a rounded robin Iron Male event that played out throughout the evening, in which Sting did away with Muta in their close to nine-minute experience. Hurting would certainly take place to defeat his stablemate Ric Panache in the finals of the event, bring about a substantial schism in between the recently developed allies.

6 Battled In The Tokyo Dome

Sting vs. Great Muta in the Tokyo Dome in 1991

After their last WCW suits in January 1990, Sting and also The Fantastic Muta didn’t reunite in the ring for over a year, as Muta went back to New Japan Pro-Wrestling in the springtime. There, he went back to his un-Muta personality of Keiji Mutoh, however would certainly repeat the function once in a while, consisting of for a suit versus Sting at the Tokyo Dome. At the March 1991 WCW/NJPW co-promoted program Starrcade 1991 in Tokyo Dome, both revived their competition for a one-off suit, with The Fantastic Muta triumphing over the Stinger.

5 Sting Tested Muta For The IWGP Heavyweight Champion

Sting vs. Great Muta for the IWGP Heavyweight Championship in 1992

5 months after beating Sting in the Tokyo Dome, Mutoh — once more as The Fantastic Muta — caught the initial of what would certainly be 4 IWGP Heavyweight Champion rules in his profession when he beat Riki Choshu. After keeping the belt versus ability like Shinya Hashimoto and also Scott Norton, Keiji Mutoh’s following opposition was his old competitor Sting. Repeating The Fantastic Muta function yet once more for the event, he safeguarded the belt versus Sting in late 1992, with Muta being determined yet once more.

4 Sting Battled Keiji Mutoh For The Very First Time In 1995

Great Muta, a.k.a. Keiji Mutoh

As much as this factor, it was constantly The Fantastic Muta personality that battled in individually suits with Sting as opposed to Muta’s “regular” kind of Keiji Mutoh. It wouldn’t be till 1995 that Sting and also Keiji Mutoh ultimately fulfilled in a songs suit, following Mutoh’s 1995 G1 Orgasm triumph.

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Over a month after placing Shinya Hashimoto away in the finals of the G1, Mutoh’s energy proceeded as he placed Hurting away in an 11-minute match — their las experience for virtually 5 years.

3 Revived Their Competition In WCW In 2000

Fall Brawl 2000: Great Muta vs. Sting vs. Vampiro

In the year 2000, Keiji Mutoh left New Japan and also went back to WCW as The Fantastic Muta, where he enrolled in the Insane Clown Posse themed intrigue The Dark Circus. Throughout this duration, Muta additionally discovered himself up in arms with his old competitor once more as component of Sting’s fight with Muta’s stablemate, Vampiro. Both clashed in numerous tag group suits, handicap suits, and also various other multi-man events. Their one telecasted songs match taken place on the 8/28/2000 episode of Monday Nitro, however however it finished in a No Competition many thanks to a strike by the remainder of the Dark Circus.

2 Key Evented The First Wrestle Kingdom As A Tag Group

Great Muta, Sting, and the Steiner Brothers

Sting and also The Fantastic Muta weren’t simply opponents — they additionally identified with each other once in a while. As a duo, Sting and also Muta have the difference of centerpiece the initial January fourth Tokyo Dome — a yearly custom that would ultimately end up being Battle Kingdom — where they beat The Steiner Brothers in a tag group suit. In the years that complied with Sting teamed with both of Muta/Mutoh’s characters in NJPW, tackling challengers like The Roadway Warriors, Arn Anderson and also Ric Panache of the 4 Horsemen, and also the group of Scott Norton and also Big Bubba.

1 Hurting Will Certainly Battle In The Fantastic Muta’s Last Suit

Great Muta Final Bye Bye matchup graphic: Great Muta, Sting & Darby Allin vs. AKIRA, Hakushi & Naomichi Marufuji

After over two decades because their last televised suit, The Fantastic Muta turned up on a September 2022 episode of AEW Rampage to save Sting from a strike from your home of Black intrigue. Keiji Mutoh had actually introduced months previously that he was retiring in 2023, and also quickly sufficient it was disclosed that Sting would certainly battle in Mutoh’s last suit making use of the Great Muta trick. At the 1/22/2023 Pro Fumbling NOAH occasion Fantastic Muta Final Bye Bye, Muta will certainly team with Sting and also AEW celebrity Darby Allin in a six-man tag group suit versus AKIRA, Hakushi, and also Naomichi Marufuji.

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